5th of January 2016


To begin this writing, i just want to you know that i am not desperately feeling broken heart, i just type my rubbish thought down to this blog. As i see my social media everyday, there is the same pattern in each social  networking thus i divided the types of social media users being 5 categories :

  1. Hey, see my whole treasure and how famous i am.

    I have few friends whom do like showing off their wealth. In this sense, they are more likely to hang out to the newest place or the most popular one regularly. I consider  it doesn’t matter since they spend their money not mine. But don’t they think that they can be stalked, kidnapped, and robbed by criminals? They don’t, perhaps.

  2. I have a devoted-handsome/pretty-romantic partner.You can expect this is my blog topic. Again, you can establish all you have on Path, Facebook, Instagram or others including your boyfriend/girlfriend. However, some of my friends update their quotes or status on social media about her feelings 5 times per day, plus post their odd pictures (with their partners) which is usually called Alay. I am sorry, i want to vomit if i see my path or facebook full of non-crucial things. Apologize me.
  3. I have a mess life. Well, i occasionally sad to read their status. In other words, they tend to upload the quotes, pictures, meme, and making status related to life. People inevitably do this at any time to show how vicious the life is.  I hope our life will going to be more wonderful.
  4. I just have social media, my life is good although i do not check or update all those stuff.  The majority this type is having by adults such as parents, businessman, lecturers or other busy people. And i actually profess this type. These days i don’t see my social media, to be more precise i don’t care with my social networking on the internet. I know it is risky to not keep in touch on the internet because almost of all my friends get along by chatting or messaging on the Path or Facebook. I want to relax my mind and revive my real social life, to be honest.
  5. I prefer to spread useful things such as : information, job vacancies, and research. I straightforwardly stand ovation to those whom do scatter information whether it is important or not. I am keen on these folks. They have tendency to copy what they’ve gotten to all their social media. They like discussing the most popular trending topic/problem and tend to give their ideas to approach it. This usually happens to young people in big cities such as Jakarta or Bandung. Padang? Just around 20% of young people in Padang concern international or national issues.

Back to the topic, love relationship seems like the most well-known problem among teenagers and young people. There are many memes or quotes about ex-boy/girlfriend outside. How many young people are miserable because of broken heart? They said that love is first and foremost. My priority is my partner. My partner was betraying me, so i played Adele’s songs.They ignore their bad marks on their assignments and also they do not go around with their bosom friends like in the preceding days. And to be more badly, they don’t take parents into account anymore.

Why has this happened? Shakespeare, or Kahlil Gibran probably knew. I don’t accuse of people who are falling in love, but you enable to post more essential picture/status if you consider the positive impacts. You can discuss what the solutions of your family or your environmental issues rather than gossiping the most “wanted” guy/girl. If one people could address one problem, we can expect that there is a decreasing problems in the world, and there are fewer famine, war, or homeless in this earth. Governments are not the best problem solver, so human cannot surrender a multitude of issues to them, particularly Indonesia’s Governments. They prominently receive a constant wage at above 2,000 dollar but they just play the ridiculous game.

So what? We do not care! I have my own life. I know. Nevertheless, how backward young people are if they just notice their own problem while young people in Singapore, Japan, Hongkong and even India have played role in dealing nation’s issues. In Jakarta, Yogyakarta, or Bandung, youngsters have had produce a lot of fascinating ideas to cope some problems.

On the contrary, In Padang which is capital of Western of Sumatra, young people turn a blind eye and they do not know how crucial their action is. Ironically, Padang Beach or Pondok District are more visited by teenagers everyday while adolescent is the golden period to develop your ability and creativity. I asked my sister : “what do you and your friends do for social or surrounding based on your consciousness? No, I never do”.

Just a small thing like being volunteer in Forum Indonesia Muda or Kelas Inspirasi in Padang can be help. Is it cliched or hypocritical? Sometimes. When people cannot do something as i mentioned beforehand, i recommend that we can more be humanist and we can stop looking down others. Having respect is the easiest thing that we are able to do. My dad told that he has a friend who has had many shoe stores. He has been a successful businessman recently. However, once my dad went to his store, he overlooked my dad whom works as an ordinary teacher. Then my dad said “if you were rich someday the first thing you should do is do not be arrogant. Stay hospitable and genial. I don’t care your money, but attitude”.

Furthermore, there is probably a question. What about me? What have you done for Padang? Well i have done several volunteers thought they are not many. I and my friends have made a community for teaching the children in remote areas. Then i think we should not remark what we have accomplished to public.

To conclude, love is indeed the most efficient way to reduce wars and conflict. Love is essential for creating awareness to the poor or orphanage. It is all about love to another human not only your hubby but also those who are in your surroundings.

Seriously, many problems should be overcome immediately outside than your own love relationshit. 

Happy doing something useful.


In Initia Iqbal


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