December, 12′ 16

I do believe that encountering people must be reasons behind it.

Seems sentimental? Perhaps.

If you have faith, you probably admit it. For those of you’re faithless,  you may say I am either naive and a moron.

My prayers have led to be surrounded peaceful and positive folks, it’s truly happened then.

For the last 2 years, I’ve made multiple friends across Indonesia where are from Java, Aceh, Palembang, Sulawesi, Kendari,Medan, Papua, Bengkulu and many more.

So, it’s all about  opportunities.

However, out  of around 7.5 billion of people, why I should have met them? accidents?  I don’t think so.

The majority of them have indirectly trained my mind and soul.

Some of them are irresponsible and irritating. They showed the power of ego, hatred and stupidity. By mingling with them, I learned a lot how to control my ego, words, patience and mind.

Without them, I never feel so alive.

Meanwhile,  most of them are clearly meant to me.

They enter through my heart, noiselessly tell that we have the similar visions.

Like we’ve known each other for long time.

Like we’ve made crazy plans.

Like we’ve created path by ourselves.

Like we’ve discussed it daily.

Like no frown but laugh.

No hatret but love.

Where I could know and see?

By their eyes.


I hope our roads will cross again, it does not really matter when. 



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