July, 16 2016

Some of my friends have already had much money that work in white-collar jobs, while I still try to catch my damn-true-goals. Meanwhile, some of my friends have got married, and I still stay in my crazy journey. Seems pathetic? Sometimes. Then, there are multiple questions that popped in my mind about life, love, and our contributions. One that strikes me is a dream.

Being high achiever is obviously not simple. I should learn and fail many times. It is not people that are keen on. Therefore, my friend told me to quit over my goals. However, if I quitted these dreams, what would I be?  Why I should divert my goals that are genuinely my passion? (although passion is an unclear word for me).

This time I will dicuss about that. About dreams. Hope it would emerge positive feelings for you!


Every human being has his own dream. Take one example, an economics graduate has a desire to take master degree in Harvard University. Conversely, he merely focus on how to go to Harvard without reflecting hisself. He became ignorant and frustrated at the same time. His life is only for entering Harvard. His life has been absorbed by reaching high GMAT score. Is it a proper ambition? You have the answer.

Before reaching your dreams, you absolutely have to learn right ways to go to there. For instance, if an astronaut wants to go to the moon, he should build a spaceship first. Furthermore, he has to understand how the spaceship works. By this I mean that paying attention to the process. When you are only concern on your dreams, you will be feeling stressful, deperate, unhappy and sad. More badly, you will FAIL.

Lastly, money and popularity are not decent reasons for catching your goals. Why? This is because both money and popularity do not have border. They would make individuals becoming arrogant and losing their humanity sense. In short, ask your heart and then discuss with your brain about what you will be for.



Do you have an uncommon goal? If yes, make it come true! I have observed that the ones who have different goals with most people will be successful in their life (as long as you work hardly, of course). In the preceding years, people never imagined that a voice could be moved through electricity, until Alexander Graham Bell invented a telephone.

Also,  you should go for your dreams when you intentionally want to help others. Although it will not earn MUCH money, I consider that you will get life’s satisfaction. You will be surrounded by positive people or loved ones. Frankly, I have dreams to be a lecturer, researcher, and social activist soon. If those come true, I will work in the realms of social and education which would not give me huge money. On the other hand, I consistently keep struggling and forget what people say. They said a lecturer and a researcher will get poor since Indonesia’s government has abandoned many potential researchers such as Yohanes Surya. WelI, I do not really care about a luxury house and sport cars, so what? Since I have joined in organizations I realized that helping people would be extremely addicted. I hope that I am never seduced by money, popularity or power.


Well, you are not alone. There are thousand of people who have the similar fate. I think it depends on yourself whether you quit or not. Nevertheless, I suggest that you should keep waiting while you work for another thing. Remember that Thomas Alfa Edison discovered a light bulb due to his patience to do trial and error until 1000 times. Yes, a big influence necessitates a big sacrifice. We cannot expect that we could be a great singer just because 1-2 albums. Hence, never being doubtful about your good dreams as they will lead you to be better and mature person. All in all, I want to convey is that strongly believe to your process. “result is always correct when you add the right numbers”


Masih berusaha,



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