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Since 5 years ago, i have read a multitude of articles about an existence of god. Well i did not read them all intentionally. When i wandered on the internet that the topic was always being ubiquitous in every nation as well as Indonesia. Everybody has suddenly discussed and criticized to religion, creationism or evolution. Some people profess a religion called believer, they firmly remonstrate against Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan and others’ theories which remark that god is delusion. For non-believers, they prematurely assume religion is always being major issue. If there are no religions, there are no nuclear fallout or missile that attack Palestine or Israel. There was no Genocide in Germany. There was no burning of church in Aceh Singkil. There was no attacking a mosque in Papua. There was no shouting in Syria. There were no refugees from conflicted nations going to Canada, Germany and The US. Those are what they have said.

Another consideration is none of scientific evidence. They logically worship science more than anything and when everything comes to no data, survey or research is untruth. This is not a novel trend. China and Rusia has been being atheist countries in the preceding decade. Moreover, According to a Gallup International survey of above 50,000 people in 57 countries, the number of individuals claiming to be religious decreased from 77% to 68% between 2005 and 2011, while those who self-identified as atheist rose by 3% – bringing the world’s estimated proportion of adamant non-believers to 13% ( http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20141219-will-religion-ever-disappear). By this i mean, because of social media, website, and free digital books lead to critical thinking in the society. They always seek for data and information. They need to examine what they believe. That is why they do not believe with God.

Thus,i have noticed their blog and social media because of my curiosity. It is really interesting then. I was also startled with Guardian’s Survey that atheists are more generous than believer, and i think it is odd. Nevertheless, how could they conclude God is nothing just by researching and observing the whole universe?  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. People cannot just examine yet, because of their limited knowledge.

 This milky way is too big to human to observe and to scrutinize. On the other hand, it  is not impossible. As I read “The Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan” I adore his thought about the galaxy and his theory related to the space, but sorry Mr. Sagan, I still believe more and more with my an Outstanding God, Allah SWT. Likewise, when I read  review from Richard Dawkins’s books I did not get his point about delusion God although his “Delusion God” is fascinating book. I still admire Al-Qur’an which is more complex and complete. However,  I got my self more objective than the past after reading science books.

I have an interesting story :

If a new object or a machine, which no one in the world has ever seen or heard of before, is shown to an atheist or any person and then a question is asked, ” Who is the first person who will be able to provide details of the mechanism of this unknown object? After little bit of thinking, he will reply, ‘the creator of that object.’ Some may say ‘the producer’ while others may say ‘the manufacturer.’ What ever answer the person gives, keep it in your mind, the answer will always be either the creator, the producer, the manufacturer or some what of the same meaning, i.e. the person who has made it or created it. Don’t grapple with words, whatever answer he gives, the meaning will be same, therefore accept it. (http://www.islam101.com/tauheed/provingGodExists.htm

With regard to Islam liberal (for muslim), they reveal Islam has to adjust to technology, science and other religions, in other word harmony. When i take liberal into account, it is good to have that tenet. They claim Syia’h is not matter and also Jew and Christians are not enemies. Love and peace are their priority. They uphold freedom and justice in every single thing whereas it is a bit doubtful in Islam. Al-qur’an, logic and science are fused to be better tenet.

However, people who profess this belief seem to look down at people who profess an Orthodox Islam or conventional Islam. Some of them do not like certain Muslim scholars (muslim theologian) because they radically refute other religions except Islam. Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL) has bravely emerged in Indonesia with Ulil Abshar Abdilla as its leader. His folks are majority graduated from overseas universities lead that they have a liberal mind. In this sense, JIL accentuates that every religion is the same. Hostility is something they avoid. As i explain above i like the way JIL implements Islam, in contrast i do not like the way it mocks another ulama. They think that they are clever enough to underestimate other muslims. Thus as i have observed, they seem to blend other religions to be an adaptable belief. It is a bit bizarre.

All in all, i do not grasp the values from both tenets. The more i read Al-Qur’an, the more i fall in love with it. It is so complete and versatile. And i think i have more an inquiring mind after i read it over and over again. It proves that i do not have to be an atheist and liberal to have critical and objective thinking.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
Corrie ten Boom



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